Introduction To Amazon Parrots:

An Amazon parrot can be a good option whether you're asking for a new bird companion. These vivacious and sociable birds make wonderful pets. Two magnificent Amazon parrots are available for Amazon Parrot Eggs For Sale at Fifth West Aviary. Our two Amazons are both amiable and hand-raised. They will easily integrate into your household and like playing and cuddling. You'll never lack for entertainment because Amazon parrots are renowned for their intelligence. Please get in touch with us right away whether you're eager to provide one of our Amazons with a lifelong home.


Because you're moving to a new bird friend, an Amazon parrot can be an excellent choice. These gregarious and outgoing birds make excellent pets. The Fifth West Aviary is selling two gorgeous Amazon parrots. Our two Amazons were raised by hand and are both friendly. They enjoy playing and cuddling and will quickly fit into your household. Because Amazon parrots are known for their intelligence, you'll never be short on entertainment.

Should you wish to offer a lasting home to one of our Amazons, kindly get in touch with us straight away. Considering how gregarious they are, amazon parrots require a lot of care from their owners. They make excellent companions and may be taught to talk and do tricks. Make sure to do your homework when you're considering about obtaining an Amazon parrot so you can discover a reliable breeder and select the best kind for your home.

Two Amazing Amazon Parrots For Sale:

You've come to the correct place because you're hoping for two magnificent Amazon parrots to add to your aviary. Two of the best Amazon parrots available anywhere are offered by Fifth West Avairy. These parrots were reared in a loving atmosphere and are in good health. They make wonderful friends and will provide your family with years of fun. $1200 is what we are asking for the set. Although we think this is a reasonable price, we are willing to bargain.

Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot:

Beautiful bird native to Central and South America is called the Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot. The brilliant colors and affectionate nature of this parrot make it a beloved companion. A medium-size parrot with a maximum length of roughly 16 inches is the Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot. These birds enjoy being around people and are very social creatures. They are renowned for their silliness and capacity for mimicking human speech. The Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot is the ideal pet while you're requesting for a loving and entertaining friend.

Pros And Cons Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot:

You should take a few factors into account before buying a yellow-headed amazon parrot. They are quite sociable and enjoy being around humans, and they are also comparatively simple to train and can pick up a wide range of tricks and behaviors. They are wonderful companion birds and highly colorful.

However, some disadvantages include the fact that they can have a tendency to be rather loud, particularly in the morning or when they are enthusiastic. Because they're not properly socialize from a young age, they can also be abrasive. Overall, the advantages outweigh the drawbacks, and these birds make fantastic companions for anybody searching for a playful pet.

Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot For Sale:

One of the most well-liked and well-known parrots in the world is the Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot. These lovely birds, famed for their vivid yellow plumage and gregarious personality, are endemic to the South American rainforests. Yellow-Headed Amazon Parrots are extremely bright birds that can learn to mimic human speech. They also make wonderful pets. They enjoy being among people and other birds because they are also very social beings. A Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot can be the ideal choice for you since you're desiring for a playful, social companion bird.

Blue Fronted Amazon Parrot:

The Blue-fronted Amazon is a South American parrot that is indigenous to Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela. It is sometimes referred to as the Blue-fronted Parrot and the Turquoise-fronted Amazon. It is among the most well-liked companion parrots worldwide. A medium-sized parrot, the Blue-fronted Amazon measures 30-33 cm (12–13 in) in length and weighs 300–400 g.

The crown and forehead are blue, with the majority of the plumage being green. The subspecies might affect the exact coloring. A ring of white feathers surrounds the eyes, and the underparts are yellowish-green. The legs are grey, while the beak is black. Up to a height of 2,000 meters, the Blue-fronted Amazon can be found in tropical forest settings (6,600 ft).

Usually seen in pairs or small flocks, but occasionally spotted singly or in bigger groups. They eat leaves, buds, and flowers in addition to fruits, nuts, and seeds in their diet. The Blue-faced The intelligent bird Amazon has the ability to mimic human speech. They are renowned for their bonding with their owners and lively attitude. Although they make wonderful companions, these birds need a lot of care and daily engagement.

Pros And Cons Blue Fronted Amazon Parrot:

Before buying a Blue Fronted Amazon Parrot, there are a few things you should take into account. They can be aggressive and need a lot of care, thus they are not advised for novice bird keepers. However, when you have the time to devote to training and developing a relationship with your parrot, they may be wonderful friends. You may decide if a Blue Fronted Amazon is the best choice for you by weighing the pros and cons listed below:


  • Can form close bonds with their owners;
  • Highly intelligent birds that can learn tricks and even converse;
  • Active and playful birds that will keep you delighted for hours;
  • Bright, colorful birds that will liven up your home.


  • Needs a lot of attention and work to keep them content
  • Can be snappy if improperly socialized
  • Occasionally can be boisterous.

Blue Fronted Amazon Parrot For Sale:

The blue faced Amazon parrot is a lovely and unusual choice whether you're planning to look for an Amazon parrot. This particular kind of Amazon parrot is distinguished by its stunning blue head and neck plumage. Additionally bright and entertaining, the blue-fronted Amazon parrot makes a wonderful family companion.

We are selling two Blue Fronted Amazon Parrot For Sale at Fifth West Aviary. These two birds are both in good health and were raised by reliable breeders. You can pick the bird that's best for you because we have one male and one female available. Please get in touch with us right away whether you're considering bringing a blue-fronted Amazon parrot into your home. We'll be pleased to address any inquiries you may have regarding these remarkable creatures.

Where To Buy Amazon Parrot Eggs:

Finding a trustworthy breeder is your best bet because you're requesting for Amazon parrot eggs. The website of the American Federation of Aviculture contains a list of breeders. You must get in touch with the breeder you've located to ask about buying eggs.

It's crucial to keep in mind that the success rate for hatching is relatively low when purchasing Amazon parrot eggs. Less than 50% of eggs frequently hatch. In order to improve your odds of acquiring at least one chick that successfully hatches, it is advised that you buy at least 6 eggs.

Amazon parrot eggs can cost anywhere between $50 and $100 per egg, so be prepared to shell out some serious cash. But if you're persistent and do your homework, you can locate a breeder that will provide you sound Amazon parrot eggs at a cost that works for your budget.

Amazon Parrot Eggs For Sale At Fifth West Avairy:

Amazon parrot eggs are available for purchase at Fifth West Avairy. The blue-fronted, double-yellow-headed, and white-bellied Amazon parrots, among others, are among the Amazon parrot species that lay these stunning, vividly colored eggs. The Amazon  parrot eggs for sale are obtained daily from the Fifth West Avairy store in San Diego, California, and can be ordered online or in person.

To keep them healthy and content, the aviary's Amazon parrots are all fed a wholesome diet and given access to lots of fresh water and toys. The staff at Fifth West Avairy is committed to giving customers top-notch eggs from healthy hens. Before each egg is sent or sold, they take great care to ensure that it has been properly cleaned and wrapped. Check visit Fifth West Avairy because you're interested for stunning Amazon parrots for sale.

Best Reviews:

Stare not unlike Fifth West Aviary for the greatest reviews of Amazon Parrots. Our amazing Amazon Parrots are among the most well-known Birds in the world, and the countless satisfied clients who have purchased them can attest to their superiority. There are a few criteria you'll want to keep in mind when trying to pick the ideal bird.

  • One: What size bird do you want first? You must select which size of Amazon is best for you because they differ in size from little to giant.
  • Second: What shade do you want? You can pick an Amazon that is ideal for your house because they are available in a range of colors.
  • Third: What character attributes do you seek? Amazons are a terrific choice because you're shopping for a companion bird because they are well renowned for being very social and fun birds.

Once you've made a decision about these elements, it's time to go shopping. You may be sure to find what works for because Fifth West Aviary has the largest collection of Amazon Parrots in the entire globe. Don't hesitate to stock up on your new feathery buddies right away since we also provide free shipping on all purchases over $150.